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Projects developed during my higher education degree in Visual Communication Design at the CEPV, in Vevey, specialised in Visual merchandising design, and project management : ESVMD


Every project was imagined, conceptualised, developed, applied and managed the implementation of 360 degree concepts on a national and international scale.

They were commissioned by professional clients, giving us the opportunity to develop, manage and present  our own concepts. 

These included: 

  • Marketing, sociological, and trend analysis

  • Mood boards and mood video creation

  • Management, planning and budgeting

  • 3D modelling (Interior and product design) (Blender 3D)

  • Graphic layout, UI design and  web design

  • Social media coordination and promotion 

  • Full Keynote presentations to pitch the projects


 The result being complete and professional files and presentations for the clients.

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