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Retail stand for the perfume Oeillères in Globus

ESVMD (2019) | Rendered with Blender 3D


We were commissioned to develop a fictional retail stand for the perfume of the photographer Roberto Greco named Oeillères. Every student proposing a different approach to the subject.

In my project I wished to highlight the alteration of materials, to present beauty in a different way, as Roberto Greco did through his collection.

The main monolith is a pedestal for perfume. The bottle, backlit, is buried in a small, almost wild fauna of plants.
On the left, a counter with two backlit bottles and iPad interpreted the stone, the latter offering some explanations on the perfume and the photography series. 

An NFC (near fell contact) system will be installed in the two blocks, an, allowing customers to receive the Oeillère website.
The poem, specially written for Oeillère, is engraved in English and French on both sides of the counter. A poem that tells the story of Greco's vision of his series and thus of his perfume.

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