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Vernissage for the ESVMD & the perfume Oeillères at Globus

ESVMD (2019) | Rendered with Blender 3D


The ESVMD was mandated to create a stand in the space provided for this purpose at the entrance of Globus Geneva, presenting the section and its partnership with Roberto Greco's perfuming object "Oeillères".

The ESVMD section was to be represented there with the four winners of the previous competition, whose briefing was to set up a stand for "Oeillères", in the same sales area as this one.

The mission was to create a presentation surface taking into account the codes related to the ultra-luxury sectors, to develop a concept presenting the ESVMD section, its skills and the "Oeillères" bottle to a wide and varied clientele. 

The Escale project was developed in a group of four students, (Lucien Bösiger, Cloé Giotto, Kim Weber and myself) working together for two weeks.

This project was the lucky winner, chosen by the jury to be really developed during a vernissage at Globus Geneva on May 16, 2019.

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