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The pharmacy of the futur

ESVMD (2018) | Rendered with Blender 3D

PharmaSuisse mandated us to imagine the future pharmacies for whom is it determined, how does the role of the pharmacist define itself in it.

Every student proposing a different approach to the subject.

The Pharmaklar project, designed for specific locations such as stations, city centres and airports, offers customers a fast service.

The customers of this fully  robot automated pharmacy are guided to the appropriate area according to their wishes and needs. For advice, the glass building offers rooms with interactive windows.

All the necessary information is available at any time thanks to NFC systems and touch-screens and can be tailored to the customer's needs through the help of the Pharmaklar system.
The customer is thus in control of his data and knowledge. Everything is clear, crystal clear !


This project won The Innovation Award.  It did not claim to be achievable, but delivered innovative ideas for the future.

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