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Product Design for La Fête des Vignerons

ESVMD (2018) | Rendered with Blender 3D

We were asked to imagine a useful, decorative, timeless, traditional or other identity object, closely or remotely linked to La Fête des Vignerons. An object that provokes meaning and emotion. 

Every student proposing a different approach to the subject.

Pouring spout & stopper | Stopper & Corkscrew with ornaments

Wine is the final product of all the agriculture that surrounds the Fête des vignerons. Its presence cannot be denied and its tasting therefore has an important place in this ceremony. The "Tout en vin" (all in wine) is a present kit to keep the essence of this great celebration at home.

Above all, there is a corkscrew which, incidentally, can also be folded and then transformed into a cork. When the bottle is opened, a pouring spout is used to pour each drop cleanly so that none is lost. In order not to have to remove this spout every time, it is accompanied by a small cap that seals the whole thing.

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